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Diamond Bar , CA has a pesky pest needing to removed – Pocket Gophers. Gophers are tiny animals who burrow they get their name “pocket gopher” from the fur-lined, external cheek pouches, or pockets, that are used to carry nesting materials and nutrients. Gophers are  built for burrowing through your soil with their claws and body structure.


                                                               Gopher mound pictured here shows the usual gopher evidence

The most known gopher in Diamond Bar , CA is the Botta’s pocket gopher, T. bottae. Normally they are six to ten inches in length and remain under ground in their tunnel system. Sometimes you will notice them above ground for a few seconds to eat some food then they head  back into their tunnel system.

Mounds with dark fresh dirt on your lawn are a well known sign of a gopher’s existance on the home and that you need gopher control service. Gophers make hills as they dig tunnels. When you look at  the rodent mounds you will see they are crescent shaped. The hole, which is in front of the mound, is normally filled in.

gopher control is needed because one gopher can create one to five mounds throughout the day on your garden. In dry areas, hill building is most noticed during spring or fall when the dirt is damp and easier to tunnel. In well watered turf, flower beds, and gardens, tunneling conditions usually are best all year, and hills can appear at any time.

Diamond Bar Gopher Control| BIOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR

Gophers live in thin tunnels. The tunnels are about two to three and a half inches in diameter. Main burrows usually are four to twelve inches below ground, and the nest and food storage room can be as deep as six feet down. A gopher will close any openings to the burrow system with dirt. Angled burrows connect the main burrow system to the surface.

Diamond Bar Gopher Control is essential because gophers do not hibernate and they can do damage all year. Gophers can be seen throughout the day and night.

Something interesting about gophers is that they live a solitary life. Only when females are raising their babies or during breeding time are they together. Pocket gophers can reach sexual maturity near one year of age and can live around three years. Gophers will typically breed three times a year and can have five to six pups per liter  which is around fifteen to eighteen new gophers in a year. Which is why gopher control is so necessary .

Diamond Bar pocket gophers can feed on a wide variety of vegetation but normally prefer tree roots, plants and shrubs. Gophers have a great sense of smell that they use to find vegetation. A well-known diet for pocket gophers to eat are the roots they find when tunneling. Sometimes they eat above-ground near their hole. These type of holes are called “feeder holes.” Gophers can pull plants from your landscaping into their burrow.  Achieving gopher control as soon as possible can reduce the damage.

Diamond Bar Gopher Control | DAMAGE

Gophers will damage yards, gardens, crops, plants, grapevines, and trees. One gopher chewing on a garden row can do a lot of damage very quick. Pocket gophers can gnaw and break plastic water and sprinkler systems. Their tunnels can absorb and channel water, which can lead to soil erosion problems. Gopher mounds are unsightly and can suffocate  grass, so quick gopher control is required.

Diamond Bar Gopher Control | LEGAL STATUS

California Department of Fish and Game has classified gophers as a non game rodent. If you are the owner or tenant of the premises and find gophers that are effecting your property you can control these pests at any time and with any legal manner.

Diamond Bar , CA Gopher Control | MANAGEMENT STRATEGY

To successfully control pocket gophers in Diamond Bar , the quicker you detect their presence and take gopher control measures the better. We typically control gophers in lawns and gardens either by trapping or using baits. Poisons purchased by Rodent Guys are restricted materials only available to licensed pest control operators and are highly effective. If digging pets are present that may ingest a poisoned gopher then trapping is a option that should be considered.

We will inspect your property and discuss the available gopher control methods. Together we will come up with the best option of gopher control which we will put into action.

Gopher traps are safe and great at controlling the gopher population on your garden. Rodent Guys will set traps and come back to check the traps, and if needed reset the gopher traps and remove any rodents that were caught. A 60-day guarantee comes with gopher control service. The warrantee gives the customer the ability to call Rodent Guys if they see any new activity and a technician will come out and will retreat the area until the pocket gophers are no longer appearing as long as its within the 60-day guarantee.

Diamond Bar Gopher Control | RODENT GUYS

      Nick Nielsen (owner) with his catch of the day

Call Rodent Guys today to take care of your gopher control problems or email us with any questions or our blog.

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