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Rodent Guys is the best gopher control company in Southern California.  Gopher control and gopher removal is our specialty.  We ONLY perform agriculture pest which includes Gopher control, Mole control and Squirrel control.  Because we specialize in these three pests we are very good at it and perform this type of pest control each and every day.  Please see our main website at  We do control for most of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange Counties. 

 We service the surrounding areas to most of the cities above.


Gopher ControlGopher control is done with the use of gopher poisons, gopher trapping and burrow blasting.  We have many tools and techniques for gopher control that can be adapted to your property.  Gopher control is done by trained technicians that do gopher control as their normal every day job.  Our technicians DO NOT do other pest control like termites or bedbugs.  This means the technician that comes to your rescue is familiar with all the gopher control techniques to be performed.



 Mole Control is performed with mole traps, mole poisons and even burrow blasting.  Moles control has good results using mole traps.  These mole traps are placed in mole tunnels are lethal when a mole passes through the trap.  Mole poison is also a method used for mole control and is also placed into the tunnels and is lethal when a mole eats the poison.   




Squirrel ControlSquirrel control is accomplished by trapping, poisons, burrow blasting and shooting.  Trapping is our preferred method of squirrel control.  Squirrel poison is effective but can take a long time to get good results. Squirrel control is accomplished quickly by trapping the squirrel population and removing them offsite so they do not return again.




Rodent Guys also does rodent control for rats, raccoon and other wildlife trapping.  If rodents have invaded attics and have destroyed the insulation Rodent Guys has the equipment and knowledge to remove and replace attic insulation as well.  Please call for details.

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